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WebGUI Appliance ?

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Any thought on putting out a WebGUI (CMS - Plainblack) appliance? 

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Looks interesting, had never

Looks interesting, had never heard of it. I found it odd under "how to add a new feature" that there seemed to be no "code it yourself" option. Either pay them or wait for the feature. Kind of odd for an "open source" app. Not that I'm a perl programmer (what it's written in) anyway.


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WRE - Perl Used

The install just needs a linux box, Ubuntu works, and the WRE they offer is the easiest way to install. They offer a CentOS VMWare appliance but it would be nice to see it packaged on Ubuntu using the WRE binary which includes everything that is needed. Paul
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WRE? Just curious -- since

WRE? Just curious -- since they offer an appliance, why does it matter if it's CentOs or Ubuntu? The purpose of an appliance is to be self contained.

Not trying to debate, just trying to understand?

If it's really easy to install, have you tried downloading TurnkeyCore and running the install yourself? That's what I did to get java/tomcat working.


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Good question. We don't have a lot of linux experience on staff but we are working hard on learning it every day. One of the things that separates TURNKEY Linux from others is the fact that you are checking for security updates at the OS level. This is nice for new/ inexperienced linux folks. One less thing to worry about on a public facing server. Although the WRE component appears to be pretty straight forward it does require you to disable certain parts of a typical LAMP install prior to installing the WRE and creating a few user accounts. Nothing against CentOS, I believe it is pretty bullet proof, just looking for a solution that might me a little easier to maintain for new users. Paul
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Got it -- that makes

Got it -- that makes sense.


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Maybe in the future

I had previously never heard of this CMS either. I did a bit of checking and it doesn't seem that it is included in Debian/Ubuntu, which makes it much less likely that we will build an appliance for it. If a project doesn't yet have enough interest to motivate a Debian or Ubuntu Developer to package it that usually isn't a good sign.

We could install from source but then that means users have to apply security updates manually, which sort of breaks the self-contained appliance concept.

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