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Does anyone here know how I can find out what is blocking an email from getting to a host? If I do a simple PHP based mail(to@adress.com) it arrives at my gmail-account, but not on other domains nor to some gmail accounts.

I've installed postfix and spamassasin, could these be blocking anything?

My php.ini setting is the default sendmail -t -i.

My concern now is that many of my forum members (vBulletin) complains that they are not receiving their subscription emails after my migration to new servers (still same ISP and all).

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There are many possible explanations for what you are describing. It could be a spam filter somewhere along the way. Check to see if it reaches the Spam/Junk folder.

Also, check your mail logs in /var/log to see what happens to the mail you are sending. It should tell you whether the mail was received by the other side, or rejected, etc.

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true that, i was hoping there was a server fault for this. I see that for my own adress it says "failed to route the address", I do not know what that mean on a "settings level"... is there any way to debug that any furtur with a verbose mailing test?

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