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Came across this article:  http://www.pcplus.co.uk/node/3020 -- about a tool for creating your own Fedora distro.  Thought it might have application for the turnkey project.

Looked to see if there was an Ubuntu version and came up with:  Reconstructor:  http://reconstructor.aperantis.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=vie...

Don't know if these tools are beneficial, if we are already using them, or have something better -- but I thought I'd at least bring them up.


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Thanks for the link about revisor - I think I came across this tool a while ago... I'll take a closer look and see if we can get any ideas.

Reconstructor, and a couple of other tools are documented in the development wiki, take a look: http://wiki.turnkeylinux.org/Developing_Live_CDs


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