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How does Turnkey plan on handling application upgrades to accomodate new versions of a particular application (security fixes/ enhancements) hosted on the Turnkey Core (ex: PostreSQL 8.3.5 to 8.3.7)?  Does a new appliance get released with the new version and then users backup and import their data into the new appliance or will there be another process?


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Let me start off by saying that TurnKey appliances are Ubuntu underneath, so performing package upgrades are very similar, if not identical.

Security updates are applied automatically as described in the doc page (forgive me for not replicating its contents here)

Upgrading packages for functionality enhancements is done via the APT package management system (ie. apt-get upgrade).

We do release updated appliances every so often with upgraded components as you mentioned, but we do no support inplace appliance upgrades. For those who want to upgrade to an updated appliance, we recommend the backup/restore process you mentioned (we are working on a way to make this a lot easier and more efficient).

I hope the above answers your question.
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Thanks for the information. DaBoo

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