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I'm considering using the lamp-2009.02-hardy-x86 distro for a live web-server under VMWare/Windows Server 2008 64-bit. I just set it up on a test station and so far so good. The addition of Webmin is a HUGE help to all those people who aren't as comfortable with the command line as they should be. Great work!

My question is about stability. Is this considered "production ready" in terms of stability under these conditions? I know there are no guarantees here, but thought I'd ask!

Again, great work! :)

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My understanding is Yes this is production ready! The only thing you can do to harden it even more is disable any functionality that you don't require. No doubt the devs will give you a confirmation on that shortly.
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The short answer is yes they should be.

The long answer is that currently all TurnKey Linux appliances are based on Ubuntu and Debian, which are widely used in production, backed by thousands of developers and supported commercially.

Only stable packages, well tested packages are used. Also, when available we use packages that are being supported with automatic security upgrades, especially if that package has any network facing components.

In other words, we aim to develop appliances that can be used for production purposes as easily as any other usage scenario (e.g., training). We have high standards for quality, and since we're using well known and well tested components underneath and mostly focus on the integration, I would like to think an installed appliance is as stable and reliable as any installation of Ubuntu that's put together by someone who knows what they're doing.

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