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Hi, perhaps I'm slow but I just discovered the other webmin plugins in the TKL repo. Out of curiosity are these considered stable? It doesn't really matter cause I'm using the samba plugin and it all seems to work fine, just wondering.

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The other webmin modules are pretty much taken as-is from upstream. We just packaged them. Quality varies from plugin but plugin but generally most of them are pretty decent. Those that are installed by default with the appliances we considered the most useful for generic use.
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I thought something along those lines. Obviously for the current range of appliances most of them are completely redundant. But for some (such as myself) using TKL as a base for custom developement then its handy to know the other plugins are available. At this stage its only the Samba one I'm using but I might test the DNS plugin amoung others. I'll let you know if I have any problems. Cheers.

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