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Hey Liraz and/or Alon,

Just having a bit more of a look through the new appliance line-up and I think I notice a very minor oversight: On the front page you state TKL is based on Ubuntu 8.04.3, but on the Core page ( it says its based on 8.04.2.

I was going to be really helpful and provide a link to the news site for 8.04.3 (as the 8.04.2 link does on the Core page) but I couldn't find one, is perhaps that why you left it? I know its not a big deal, but inconguence bugs me

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I have a list of things that still need to be updated on the web site but I have to admit I missed that one. Alon is on his honeymoon in South Africa so I've been left all by my lonesome and have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. It's great to get help!

I updated the link. Unfortunately I don't think Ubuntu put out a press release for Ubuntu 8.04.3 like they did for 8.04.2, so I had to link to a mailing list post.

Thanks again.

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