As we know it usually means the year is approaching the end. :)

Sending Thanks and truly grateful for the support from TurnkeyLinux !

Been here for I think a year or more. Keep building, thanks!.

BTW, I don't know why I have two accounts? sometimes I see myself login as "hp" , now "leow"

I can't access technical issues launcpad using hp anymore. I have opened some question there, need that account, really.


(EDIT) Solved I have 2 launchpad accounts, sorry guys.

Thanks! All D Best!



Does that word karma has to do with any of your developers' faith? Just curoius as I'm a Christian.

I've noticed it in the launcpad section.


Peace, :)

Liraz Siri's picture

Many thanks for your kind words of encouragement my friend. You were one of our first users. I remember you from Christmas time last year! :)

Anyhow, on the TurnKey Linux web site and on Launchpad Karma is just a silly label for the good will "points" you've earned for activity in the community, posting comments, topics, voting, etc.

So no it's not a religious thing and I hope it doesn't offend any one. We'd like people of all faiths to feel welcome.

Stephen Weber's picture

In the United States, one meaning of the word "karma" is "keeping track of good (or bad) deeds", like a giant cosmic tallying system of whether you've been bad or good.

Lots of technical sites use this idea to keep track of which people are helping out a lot on the site: answering questions, contributing code and documentation, etc.

Hope that helps!

But it's not like i'm one of the co-founders of TurnKey Linux, so don't heed my jealousy. I'm a devoted Catholic.

//reminded me of Randy Pausch who actually kinda believed in Karma.  He made fun of death bed conversion which insulted some Christians. (not going to tell if it affected me). My he R.I.P.

Peace and Love to eveyone thank you for sharing, Stephen.

Liraz, thanks for remembering me. :)



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