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I was just wondering what is the future of tklpatches?

Can the outside developers have a special repository on the website to upload and browse various tklpatches instead of searching through the forum? The blueprint area is the closest that I can find, but I was thinking of an area that only contains finished patches for us to release to.

This way, users can download and use tklpatches without waiting for an ISO to be released. Also once the TKL team reviews the patch, it can be "certified".

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While brainstorming how patches should be published, one of the ideas we came up with is what you are proposing, but decided that it was too early, and opted to let the future take care of itself. Once the ecosystem of patches becomes more mature, it will be a lot clearer what the tklpatches section will provide according to need, development cycle, collaboration, objectives, etc.

To summarize, we don't know yet, but your feedback on the issue is very helpful. If you (or anyone else) has ideas, recommendations, please share :)

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