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As I'm trying to make new tklpatches, I keep running into various issues and have to figure out how to do what I want. Is there a place us independant third-party developers (or whatever you want to call us) can post the little stuff we learned that can help others.

For example, how to uncomment (enable) repositories through the conf script and how to auto-accept the sun java license. Little stuff that will make it easier to create new tklpatches faster.

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I've just added a child page to the Community Documentation Wiki (under TKLPatch). Hopefully that is what you were after? You could've done it yourself but I thought I'd be helpful and get you started!

The new page is blank, ready for all your tips and tricks!

Hope this is all good Liraz & Alon!?

Oh, almost forgot, the page can be found here, or by navigating to [Help » Community Documentation » TKLPatch - a simple appliance customization mechanism » Usage tips & tricks].

Look forward to reading your tips and tricks!

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Although, because TKLPatch is more aimed at developers, the development wiki might be a better fit for this sort of a scratchpad of tips/tricks, and slowly migrated into a cohesive document in the documents section.
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I didn't know you can do that, thanks. I'll start adding what I can for now. Hopefully others will add their own information and this will help the community.

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