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Tklpatch for VPN in progress

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Hi guys,

i'm attempting to develop a vpn server that use PPTPD Server.

However i have a problem with modules pptp server and client of webmin;

The webmin of the core machine is ver: 1.490, while the downloadable webmine modules are for webmin version : 1.510 and these modules don't run for the older version of webmin.

So, i need a 1510 version installed on the machine that i want to install the webmin module for VPN..So i can resolve this problem?


best regards


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Webmin modules packaged in the TurnKey archive

Non related to your question, but have you seen the openvpn tklpatch?

With regards to webmin, we have packaged the pptp webmin modules, which are available in our archive, so installing the server module should be as easy as:
apt-get update
apt-get install webmin-pptp-server
Once Lucid (upcoming Ubuntu LTS) is released, we will be upgrading all appliances as well as their components, including webmin...

I hope the above helps.
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Have you tried to apt-get the module?

TKL devs have packaged a number of the modules (v1.49) in the TKL repo. I'm not sure if that one is included but you may get lucky?!

If that doesn't work out, what about adding the Webmin repo and upgrading Webmin that way? I'm not 100% sure but you should be able to upgrade the base and all the modules that way.

[edit] Alon beat me!

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Thks so much!That module is the solution :D

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Patch develop

Hi Alon,

i have develop the turnkey patch for a VPN Server.

This VPN can implent a connection with pptpd server VPN and OpenVPN.

I have take the Open VPN tklpatch and i attach at the conf file, the commands lines to install the pptpd server:so see the attached file.

i hope will be usefull







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Will this work with Proxmox

I'm trying to get my proxmox box to serve VPN. Is this the way to go?? I want to connect my desktop remotely to the proxmox virtual network. Thanks! Ric

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