Are the images, that are available for download, built up from Turnkey Linux Core with TKLPatch?

If so, are those Patches available for us to base new Patches off of?  For instance: I would love to combine the Tomcat appliance with Stas Grishin's OpenVPN patch in a single appliance. But to really make it work correctly, it seems that I would need to modify some of the base configurations of the Tomcat image....

I realize that I could start from scratch - and build a complete patch to install both things. It just seems a bit like "re-inventing the wheel".

Thank you, an enormous amount, for the effort that you have put forward with Turnkey Linux!


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The devs have said that they don't use tklatch themselves, rather they devised it as an easy way for the community to contribute to development.

But you could develop a tklpatch that installs on the Tomcat appliance base? It may require some tweaking but if so, surely it would using 2 different patches?

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