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I stumbled on OneSwarm as I am looking to solve Samba Share issue I have. And thought OneSwarm might have a place here at TKL in some form.

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If I'm understanding correctly that it is a web-based interface, I may look into the installation process to see what a patch might look like. Because it's so experimental and up front about its potential for bugs, I think it may not be a great candidate (yet) for the appliance library. What do others think?

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OneSwarm looks interesting, but very challenging to get to the point where it has popular appeal. BitTorrent is very well entrenched and I doubt most people using it care about privacy to explore alternatives. At least not yet.

So it may be that right now OneSwarm is a solution looking for a problem. OTOH, OneSwarm is backwards compatible with BitTorrent so at least you can use it with the existing stuff.

What I would recommend in terms of first steps is that if there is interest in creating an appliance for OneSwarm that their devs create a TKLPatch for it and host the appliance download from the OneSwarm web site, at least initially.

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Had not thought about them possibly creating the TKL patch, I was thinking the other way in that we as the TKL community do it. But your suggestion has far greater merit in that it would expose more people to TKL.

I'll see about posting a note to suggest that.

I am privacy oriented and their thoughts on privacy to me sounded very good. Sometimes though it is the small seemingly unneeded things that become very popular.

Thanks for looking at it and changing the way I thought about how to possibly get things implemented into TKL!


I'm looking for a patch exercise for documentation purposes. If the developers don't want to take this, I might give it a go.

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