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Hi all,

I want make my own turnkey linux distribution. How can I make it? for example, I download turnkey core and install my application on it, now, how can I make my iso file from this installed turnkey linux to next my customized install? On the other hand, how can make my .iso turnkey linux like all iso turnkey linux exict on this site to download?

tanx a lot,

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A good place to start is have a read of the Development documentation.

TKLPatch is a nifty little commandline app that creates a patch that will convert Core into whatever you want it to. Once you have it all working nicely, you can then upload your TKLPatch here (start a new thread here in the General section and attach it). Then others can use it and hopefully Liraz and Alon (TKL Devs) will include it as a downloadable iso in the next release. Obviously in the meantime you can also distribute your iso to others.

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