TKLPatch - a simple appliance customization mechanism

Update: TKLDev now lets you build appliances from source so it's recommended to use that for serious appliance development. TKLPatch can still be used for light customization.

TKLPatch is a set of shell scripts which provide a simple way to customize and extend any appliance in the TurnKey Linux virtual appliance library. It allows you to easily create a patch which can be used to:

  • Modify an existing ISO image (e.g., create a new appliance on top of TurnKey Core)
  • Modify an installed appliance instance (e.g., to patch a bug inside a virtual appliance instance)
  • Collaborate with others on appliance development

TKLPatch makes it easy for you to tweak an appliance to your needs, and is designed to help you help us expand and improve the TurnKey Linux virtual appliance library.

In the spirit of open source, developers are encouraged to share their patches with the community to help accelerate development. Once we add an appliance to the project we assume the burden of maintaining it at the appliance level with regular updates. This frees you to focus on more interesting tasks (e.g., improving quality of integration, software sub-components).