TKLDev - Appliance Build Engine

TKLDev - Build Custom ISOs from source

TKLDev is Turnkey Linux's appliance build engine. It's what TKL devs use to build all the appliances! Use it to build any of the TurnKey library from source or create your own.

TKLDev allows you to develop custom appliances which you can distribute. If your appliance contains only free open source software, let us know. Maybe we can include it in the official library!

Links: Documentation & Info

TKLDev Appliance page - info about the TKLDev appliance, inc download links.

TKLDev Announcement - Blog post - Getting a bit dated now, but still includes useful info and documentation. Useful for background and base knowledge of TKLDev.

How to build a TKL ISO from source (using TKLDev - Blog post). A step-by-step tutorial (with screenshots) on how to build a Core ISO from source code. [update] The content has been copied to our docs and updated.

Full TKLDev Docs (GitHub) - The full (and current) documentation of TKLDev (hosted on GitHub as part of the TKLDev repo). Covers using TKLDev; start to finish. Extensive and accessible; a big read but worth the effort.

Build a new appliance with TKLDev - My personal workflow and something of a 'getting started' building a new appliance type doc. I essentially wrote this for those that wanted an overview of a potential workflow. It is also suitable for those that are too impatient to read the full docs and want to jump right in . Don't blame me if it doesn't work though! :-p

TKLDev issues and feature requests (on the TurnKey issue tracker - hosted on GitHub). Note that by default, all issues (open and closed) are displayed, they can easily be filtered via the relevant ("open"/"closed") links just above the list.

Forum posts tagged 'tkldev' - Find additional info and/or hints.