Home page : http://eyeos.org

EyeOS version 1 's  UI is better than 2's . Also in the eyeos website version 1 is recommended for production servers.

base : Turnkey core Lucid or Turnkey core Hardy


checked !

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Great find Basil! Great that you verified it works on Lucid too! I just played with EyeOS a bit and I'm impressed you can fit so much functionality into a browser. It's like Web 2.0 gone crazy. Makes me feel kind of inadequate with regards to my web development skills.

It's interesting that you feel EyeOS 1 is superior to EyeOS 2. For sure version 1 has many more applications, but EyeOS 2 is probably the future though it kind of sucks that whatever they did to their platform was backwards incompatible with the old application.

The thing that always struck me about web OS type usage scenarios is that they seem kind of like a solution in search for a problem. You know what meaningful real world problem does having a nested web desktop inside your desktop actually solve besides promoting the general move to push everything into the cloud.

EyeOS 2 seems to answer that with - live collaboration. Live collaboration IS a major pain on modern "native" operating systems so maybe there's a future there for this sort of thing.

I tried to setup version 2.0 on Lucid , some 250Mb need to be downloaded and installed. But the wordprocessor in it doesn't work :( . On googling i found that version of openoffice2.4 is required (openoffice 3.0 will not work), that is impossible in Lucid. So I left lucid and tried in Lenny , in that some dependency problem with 3rdparty deb files :( . Now what left is hardy . Will a hardy version be useful ?

In project website, what they recommend for production servers in version eyeOS 1.0

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Although Liraz's comments about 'chimeras' would suggest that the devs aren't keen on that approach. Besides there may still be dependancy issues which may make it to messy (if you have to get multiple dependancies from Hardy then its not worth it IMO). Another option may be to add the debs but again dependancies may be an isssue (and there may just be too many packages for that to be practical).

Bottom line IMO is that they recommend v1 for production and you said that you can get that working on Lucid - I'd stick with that. Be interested in what Liraz &/or Alon have to say about the situation.

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