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Base : Turnkey Core Lucid

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Basil, where do you find these gems? Retrospectiva looks wonderful. The patch is very good. I can see this was not an easy integration and yet you still pay careful attention to detail. OK, off to review more submissions!
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I loved that Restrospectiva comes SCRUMM ready for managing projects. I installed it once. But I hadn't used in a production environment yet. Two weeks ago I had to install one and I went with Redmine 1.0 again. But this is a nice project...

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I didn't remember it's name but always wanted to download and test it.

Cool to have found it again via this site.


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After opening http://machine_IP I get an error window from Passenger.

It says

The application has exited during startup (i.e. during the evaluation of config/environment.rb). The error message can be found below. To solve this problem, please follow any instructions in the error message.

And the error message is

/var/www/vendor/rails/railties/lib/rails/gem_dependency.rb:119:Warning: Gem::Dependency#version_requirements is deprecated and will be removed on or after August 2010. Use #requirement The following gems have native components that need to be built RedCloth >= 4.1.9 You're running: ruby at /usr/local/bin/ruby rubygems 1.3.7 at /var/www/.gem/ruby/1.8, /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8 Run `rake gems:build` to build the unbuilt gems.

I used the RC of lucidTKL Core and patched the iso file before installing.


There is a patch on Github

I changed the files but have no idea how I have to build the gems to make it work.

Actually I created the patch when the Turnkey lucid was in beta state , I don't know  whether there is any change in new release of turnkey lucid . I will check it as soon as possible ....... Main problem is my limited bandwidth. So , i can test those things only during night (Happy hours of my ISP)

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Thanks for looking into it.

You might want to take a look at the Single-Step-Installer.
I ran it after using your patch and it created a working environment.

Error with new version of TKL Core lucid fixed :) new patch uploaded

I tried to change the base image to Turnkey Rails Lucid , but I feel that the release candidate is not complete. Because I'm unable to find any passenger module in the apache . Liraz please verify it.

Now the patch works perfectly on TKL Core lucid :)

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Thanks for the new patch.
It now installes without any problems.

Only thing is when using your file I get the error message

gzip: stdin has more than one entry--rest ignored
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

I was only able to use the patch after changing it into a tar.gz file

tar -pczf retrospectiva.tar.gz retrospectiva/

I normally extract the zip file to a folder and will apply the patch. That is

tklpatch          TKL_core_lucid.iso      restospectiva_patch_folder

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Didn't know this would work.

Still using a tar.gz file reduces one step (manual extraction). :-)

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So I've asked him to look into this. Thanks for reporting this Basil!
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Talked to Alon about this and of course passenger is there, it's just being installed as a gem by ruby-enterprise. This kinda sucks because it breaks debian-policy for a package to do this, but I think the advantages of using ruby-enterprise still outweigh minor papercuts like this. With the Rails appliances we run into the package management vs gem thing alot.

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