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Home page :

Downloaded page :

Base: turnkey core lucid

url: http://your_ipaddress:8080

admin console username: admin

admin console password: admin

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Congratulations on your first TKLPatch Bilal!

A few comments/questions:

  1. Why download Jboss from an upstream tarball on sourceforge when it is available in Lucid through package management system (e.g., jbossas4 package)? 
  2. Similarly, why download JDK from upstream when there are several Java runtimes available in Lucid? (e.g., openjdk-6-jregcj-jre). Note that the download URL you provided in the conf script is broken. I think it's just a temporary link.
  3. Creating a .bashrc file in /usr/local probably doesn't do what you think. See the Ubuntu documentation for configuring the environment. You may not need to if you use one of the Lucid Java packages though. I'm not sure.
  4. It's best to use the overlay to put files where you want them rather than putting them in /tmp and copying in the conf file.

You can search the Ubuntu repositories here.

Sorry for the late response. We were tied down releasing TKLBAM.

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