Hosting asp websites using mono module on Apache base : Turnkey core lenny


I think only 2.0 applications will work !

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Good work Basil! An ASP.NET replacement appliance could be a big hit. There are a ton of Windows developers out there and their deployment options kind of suck.

I took a look and everything looks ok. The only thing that might be worth looking into is adding some kind of diagnostics script (e.g., like phpinfo.php but for ASP) so the user can verify that everything is working out of the box and maybe take a look at some of the settings. I haven't investigated this option myself so this is just an idea based on my experience with TurnKey LAMP.

BTW, did you run into any problems installing Mono in the tklpatch-chroot environment? A friend reported that Mono hanged when he tried it.

What do you think?

>> did you run into any problems installing Mono in the tklpatch-chroot environment?

If Apache is running while the mono modules are installed , then sometimes, it will create some problems. I experience such a problem even in non-chroot instances also


Above attatched patch is working fine :)

There is no things like phpinfo() available in ASP  ;(

I have put  a sample ASP page in dcoument root of apache, and is working fine :)

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I have read that Mono may be moved for the Main Ubuntu repo into Universe for the upcoming 12.10 release.

While this will not be a complete deal-breaker for creation of a TKL appliance, without Cannonical sponsored security updates it could be an issue for a Mono based production server.

At this point this is just speculation (based on internet murmurings) but still be worth checking out and if true I think will need to be documented for the official appliance.

[update] I just thought, rather than speculate and perhaps unintentionally spread FUD I could do a little research. As it turns out it looks like some of the Mono stuff is in Main, much of it is in Universe (see here). Without cross-referencing against the package list that Basil's patch installs I can't be sure, but still worthy of consideration when the time comes for an official TKL appliance.

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And I think this is a great idea for an official TKL appliance. Hopefully it will make it into the 12.x release.

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Glad you liked it. I just added a few more instructions using the latest TurnKey 12.0 RC. It is slighly more involved because I had to start with the ISO file but it is still dead simple.

I would think that the combination of ASP.NET on Linux on AWS is a possible winner. There are loads of small commercial ASP.NET apps that might see this as a good alternative to Azure which appears to be more expensive.


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I think you'd be better off asking somewhere where people are a little more familiar with Mono. It may be something you're doing wrong, or possibly is something that Mono doesn't handle quite right yet. (Mono is the name of the software that somewhat emulates the functionality of .NET - although it's not complete, I have read that they focus on the more common/popular functions etc so if you are using something obscure then perhaps that's where the problem is...? But I have no idea at all (neither with .NET or Mono) so as I say, I suggest that you have a google around and find a forum that has Mono experts to help you out.

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