TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

Appliance created : Typo

Project URL : http://wiki.github.com/fdv/typo/

Base : Turnkey core Lucid

Platform : Ruby on Rails


Some of the commands in patch may looks stupid

Actually the MySQL 's root pasword need to be given to the Typo installer to create new databases , but in our case we can't give it , because , it will be reset during installation. So inorder to give an normal user permission to databases that are going to be  created by installer , the database is created is created initially then permission is given to user and then it is deleted.

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di-live installation hooks

Don't worry about the installation regenerating the MySQL password. If you can pass a blank password to the Typo installation and get it configured, I'll work out the details of tweaking a di-live installation hook to do the right thing (set mysql root password to what the user chooses, update any configuration Typo configuration files accordingly).


Actually it is working perfectly now . The railsapp_user 's password will be set to random value on each installation using the scripts /usr/lib/live-installer.d/40regen-typo-secrets