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This patch fixes a few issues with the current lucid base.

  • Removes the conflicting resolvconf package so that nameservers are picked up from DHCP.
  • Defaults to Google public nameservers if DHCP doesn't issue any.
  • Leaves the hostname at the default localhost and picks up any hostname issued by DHCP
  • Adds the acpid package so that power buttons work (both virtual and real).

Addresses Bugs LP:596560, LP:629539, LP:629409

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Hi Neil! Thanks for taking the initiative and looking into this. It's nice to have more people who really know their stuff around. I had a feeling your name sounded familiar and it turns out I've bumped into some of your work before.

Alon already explained why we can't remove resolvconf in another thread you weighed in on, so we'll put that aside and just summarize that we fixed the underlying issue.

I like the idea of setting Google's nameservers to the default. It doesn't cost us anything and is nice in case DHCP doesn't configure nameservers. I'm curious though if this is something that happens commonly enough in the real world (assuming no resolvconf bug).

So except for the resolvconf issue, the other fixes will go into the upcoming release of TurnKey Core. Many thanks!

PS: Sorry for the late response. Things got a little bit crazy after we released TKLBAM.

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