Offtopic: Good week of releases. I only miss TKL Lucid!

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Well, I just wanted to comment that this has been a real nice week with important releases of software, at least for me:

The 18th we had the final release of Phusion Passanger 3 which is a major milestone for this project and the ruby ecosystem. 

And today was released the first release of OpenStack which is a new and heavy player in the cloud and virtualization environment. 

Two great projects I was waiting... I only miss a third to be completely happy: TKL Lucid RC! There's still 3 days before the weekend end! 

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I hope I'm not stealing Alon & Liraz's thunder (sorry guys if I am) but if you have a look at the TKL SoureForge files you may be pleasantly surprised. :)

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But where is the mega post announcing it? This is a leak!!! hahaha I'm not sure if these are the final images, I think Alon tweeted about some minor issues, I'm already downloading the Core to take a look. Thanks Jed I don't check the files very often (never TBH). 

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That's why I've been a little aprehensive about it (not a lot though obviously!) I reckon the guys are waiting until next week to announce when all of the images are up (I don't think it's the full range). Since Alon twittered that the images were being uploaded I've been watching SourceForge :)

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