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Would there be some interets into a Turnkey image containing Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence, GreenHoper, Crucible, Clover, Fisheye, Bamboo).

That would be perfectly suited on top of an image like Revision control Appliance and by the way would be to my mind the best development suite, surely the most useful and loved addition in this area.

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But I could be wrong. Assuming that they aren't open source then it is highly unlikely that TKL will ever include any of them.

Having said that if you'd like them included and wish to share their inclusion with others then I don't think there is any reason why you couldn't make a TKLPatch? I'm fairly certain I recall someone else making a TKLPatch of some other 'free' (as in beer - ie non-open source) software previously.

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on the other hand, i don't have the skills to make the patch, always the same problem ...  :)))

That's the main interest of Turnkey in my case, being able to use prebuilt images i would not have been able to install/configure myself.


Anyway, that were just an idea, thanks for your answer

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