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Hi, I found extrange that the turnkey-tomcat-11.0rc asked me a mysql password on firstboot. Then I went and ssh into it, and there is it, mysql server running. 

I was checking the appliance page and it doesn't talk about mysql-server.

Which is wrong? the appliance description or the image? 

I was hoping to use this one as a base to the Hudson tklpatch, but I think I'll go with core then.

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You're not mistake, 11.0 Tomcat and Tomcat-Apache both include MySQL. It was requested multiple times on the forum and actually does make sense (think LAMP, LAPP).

We haven't updated the appliance pages yet for 11.0, as the stable release is still 2009.10-2, and we don't want to confuse anyone (but obviously there is still confusion).

Anyway, shouldn't be too long until 11.0 is (finally) released.

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