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I have a really basic question.  I'd like to set up a home network of sorts at the house.  All my pcs use Ubuntu at the moment.  I've taken an interest today in the TurnKeyLinux Domain Controller.  It would, as I understand it, act as a windows NT domain controller on my network.  I could then set up other computers to authenticate using the credentials stored there. 

But all the instructions after the initial setup refer to configuring Windows clients for authentication.  They never mention Ubuntu clients.  So, my very basic questions are:

  • Am I on the right track?
  • This all seems to be using windows protocols to manage centralized authentication.  Should I be looking into something more linux-based instead?
  • I've seen instructions for joining an Ubuntu client to a windows domain, but how does this really work?  What does the login screen for Ubuntu look like afterward?  What if the domain controller is down?
  • Is any of this made more difficult (or easier) by the presence of cheap NAS devices on the network?

As you can see, I have some very basic 'premise' type questions.  Any help thrown my way would be very much appreciated.  Thanks!

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And I have never got a clear answer and/or one that I'm completely happy with.

From what I can gather generally Linux only networks just use an NFS fileshare for the user's /home directory but this only works nicely if there is very little network latency.

My understanding is that Ubuntu can join a Windows domain ok but I haven't had any success with it. I would imagine that if you have an Ubuntu only domain then there must be a better way to do this - but I don't know how.

Hopefully someone else that can be of more help comes along because I too would like to know the answer!

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