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Just a little something I wanted to share...

I already use Google Apps for work (work email is hosted on Google Apps) and although I like it the task manager leaves a bit to be desired. I now also have an Android phone (HTC Wildfire) which I am very happy with. To help myself get organised I have been using an app called Gtasks which interfaces with and syncs with the Google Apps task manager. It ok but not very flexible.

Enter TKL Tracks appliance! I have been playing with the Tracks appliance lately and wondering if perhaps this could help me get better organised. It looks like it could be a winner but now I was using Gtasks I wanted something to sync with my phone so I always have my todo lists handy. Shuffle Android app is the winner! Not only does it sync with the Tracks appliance, it also interacts with Google Cal so any important deadlines etc can also go on my calendar! Yay :)

[edit] Oops, I almost forgot to put a link up! Despite what I read online, I couldn't find Shuffle in the Android apps marketplace, but I installed it fine by browing to the website:

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Now you've made me jealous! I need to get myself some of that sweet sweet Android love...

Currently I have a strange love/hate relationship with an iPhone I bought about a couple of years ago but have barely used. Getting it to work correctly with my Linux workstation was a nightmare. Still haven't gotten around to figuring out how to do a full sync without iTunes so frankly I don't trust the thing for anything important. Also managed to brick it once with an accidental firmware upgrade after which I vowed never ever to buy anything from Apple again. I only blame myself though - I should have known better than to compromise on essential freedoms for a bit of temporary shiny.

The iPhone works now but I only use it now and then for a quick game of angry birds. For my phone I use a cheap plastic Nokia. :)

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My sister and her boyfriend have iPhones but I must admit I'm a bit of an Apple hater so it was never an option. Up until quite recently I was using an old beat up Motorolla which served its purpose as a phone well but that was about it. It was time for an upgrade and Android was the only choice IMO. I'm really happy with my HTC but my son has just bought himself a Samsung Galaxy 5 (i5003) which was pretty cheap for an Android phone (AU$200). It has a smaller screen and lower quality camera but otherwise seems as good if not better than my HTC (slightly better CPU). He's happy as!

Both my son and I love the freedom, even if we don't yet make great use of it! :)

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