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I have been trying to find Web Based Project Management.  I downloaded the numerous applianeces from your site that were project management related.  I also downloaded Drupal and Joomla, LAMP,LAPP and Core.

In ten minutes or so I had a VMWare running of your appliance.  I quickly tested the features.  Drupal and Joomla worked as advertised and I added third party extensions to test project management.

With the the LAMP, LAPP and Core, I downloaded other solutions.

Unfortunately, known of the project management solutions came very close to meeting my needs, TurnKey Linux made it a breeze to quickly test the alternatives.  TKL install was a breeze.  WebSheel and WebMin and FTP access all worked flawlessly.

Thank you for making my task so much easier to do.  I do plan to use the LAMP, LAPP and Core for other pruposes.

I will be waiting for Drupal 7 whenever you get the chance.


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