The problem with many African elections is that they are rigged by the incumbent. What the people vote for is not what they get. When the people get tired of the one they have they find they cannot get rid of him.

The product is called Mulika (Swahili for to Enlighten or To Shed Light Upon)

Currently it is focused on the Ugandan Elections BUT as the site has been open sourced so it can be used for ALL African Elections

the site is

The bottom of the site gives the source code and the instructions. So the software to set up the site is FREE to all!

Any political party on the continent of Africa (but also world wide as well) only needs a 3rd year University IT/Computer Science student to get it set up for you.  The open source nature ensures that if the site domain is blocked by a government, hundreds can spring up within 24 hours. Also known as the Wikileakes effect

What the site does is it lets each and every african man or woman with a mobile phone in ANY african country report the election results at their polling station at the end of voting.  The site then tally's up the results using various techniques.

The results are then displayed here

It is currently in testing mode.  So feel free to test it.  During the actual election in Feb. all data will be reset prior to start of elections.

So in theory ..... about 30 minutes after close of the polls in an election when the results at polling stations have been counted, you can tell whom your President is or whom your Member of Parliament is (site is currently only set up for Ugandan Presidential Elections due next month).

So while the African government of the day is still awaiting ballot-result-forms to make it from the polling stations to the province or district head quarters in the back of some pickup car for counting and declaration. In fact while the election officials are packing up to leave the polling station the results will be revealed to all.

The site enables Africans to bypass the Governments of  Corrupt Dictators used to rigging and puts the power of the vote and result declaration directly into the hands of the people! 

The votes results declared are not the official results of course but they make rigging nearly impossible as the results officially declared are already known by the public.

No Kenyan melt down .... no Gbagbo rigging in Ivory Coast scenario ...... No Mugabe in Zimbabwe winning backhanded, etc. 

Power to the People.  

They vote and they get their results. Instantly. If the site is not blocked by the government of the day then radio stations can call out results early (although emphasize that these are NOT OFFICIAL).

Setting up the site costs only about $100 (for two domains plus privacy option on each domain) plus the labour charges of the student.  Political Parties can set one up for their polling agents and just give each polling agent a cheap phone as long as it does GPRS (which just about every chinese phone can do).

So for $500 plus labour, a political party in Africa could set up a site for its supporters, a site for its polling agents and a backup site for each in case the first two are compromised.

The only way to beat this site is to shutdown each and every telecom company on the day of the election because you do not know which users (public or observers) are going to send data via which telephone company and to which site.

The mathematics and checks and balances have been quite extensive. Spread the word and let us make elections as fair as possible.


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