Application information :

Base image : turnkey-trac-11.1-lucid-x86

This will convert Trac appliance into a Scrum tool apliance.

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Have you use this one in any project? I'm about to start a project using icescrum, but didn't invest any time looking for alternatives. I think I saw this one, but didn't like the "pro gets you more" aproach. I'm a bit purist about opensource, at least I like to be given the whole product features if they are coded.

Anyway, I'll give this one a chance too, did you made a research to see what other options are out there regarding scrum?


We are using this free version in our new project. The free edition seems to be ok for us . I deployed this scrum tool only because our project manger demanded for the same.  I didn't heard abt Icescrum earlier. Let me try it.

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