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I know there are some Amazon EC2 Instance type restrictions that come with Amazon's devpay program but I was surprised when I created my TKLHUB account and started to launch a TKL appliance and found that I could only choose between m1.small or c1.medium instance types.  Both have 1.7GB ram.  I was hoping to use the m1.large which has 7.5GB ram.

  1. Is that just not possible within TKLHUB?
  2. Will it eventually be possible and if so then when?
  3. Do I have any options available to run a TKL appliance on an m1.large instance and still backup using TKLBAM?

Thanks again for all that you do to make such a fantastic product (TKL appliances) and service (TKLHUB).

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TurnKey Linux is currently only available in 32-bit builds. This limits instance types to m1.small and c1.medium. Larger instances need to be 64-bit. Obviously, this is a significant limitation so creating 64-bit builds of TurnKey is a top priority. We'll make an announcement as soon as it's ready. You will be able to use TKLBAM to migrate from 32-bit to 64-bit.
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Thanks.  I can't believe I never saw that on Amazon's site.  I just assumed that PAE would be used in the 32-bit builds to access the larger address space.  Thankfully we're not yet ready to put our servers in Amazon's EC2 cloud anyway.  We're using TKL in our VMware environment with the hope of one day putting them in EC2.  Thanks for your work to make that possible.

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