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I'm new to this - sorry!


Would it be possible to run turnkey core and have HTS TvHeadend ( running on it?  If so, could I then with the file server appliance alongside?


I have a linux box running TvHeadend, and Openfiler on another linux box.  I'd like to consolidate the two services these are running on to one machine.  I haven't been overly impressed with openfiler.  I've found lots of bugs and problems, and it's much too complex compared to the turnkey file server appliance.  It's jsut for my home, so I don't need an enterprise wannabe solution that openfiler is.


if it's not possible, does anyone have some ideas?


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But I don't see any reason why you couldn't just install it straight to the Fileserver appliance if you wished.

Here's how I'd do it - untested (info from here).

First, install gnupg (for importing the repo key):

apt-get update
apt-get install gnupg

Personally I prefer to create a new repo file for 3rd party repos:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/tvheadend.list

and copy/type:

deb hts main

Exit nano & save (<Ctrl><x>). Now import the key:

wget  -O- | apt-key add -

Finalise with the install:

apt-get update
apt-get install hts-tvheadend

That should do it :)

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Hi Jeremy,

Cheers for that.  It all worked - ecept for the key importing command.  There was a certificate problem, so I had to insert the '--no-check-certificate' command after the url.

All your other advice worked straight up.

running on the tvheadend web interface now, on my new turnkey fileserver.  BAM! No problems, except I can't get the SBS mux, bu that's because my antenna is rubbish.

I have had problems in the past with Tvheadend where I've had to follow some crazy tutorials to get another DVB-T card working (had to add some firmwares, along with some other crazy nonsense that I can't remember).  All I can really remember about the whole deal was there was a couple of times where having a GUI helped, so this time I've left the problem DVB-T card out.  I'll see how the system goes for a week or so before I get the other one going with some command line madness.

I did have another problem previously with Ubuntu Desktop (I believe it was 10.10) and tvheadend.  Basically, the tvheadend service would die any time we had a power failure (our electricity supplier here is rubbish)and lose all of it's settings.  When power came back, I'd have to stop the tvheadend service, remove the hts home directory, remove the /dev/dvb directories, uninstall the tvheadend program, or any combination of the above.  It was like black magic.  Hopefully rolling back to something based on ubuntu 10.04 helps out there with some stability.

Again, thanks for your advice, very much appreciated.


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So is the Fileserver (ubuntu) installed as the Root of the Box, which is in turn hosting the TV server or do you have a Virtual Box or VM situation setup so that the TV Server is parallel to the file server?  I expect the former.

It looks like I need a SATA box to try this in.. The whole USB bridge that I was planning on seemed a weak link in the plan... Report will follow, hopefully in the next few weeks.

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Hi mate,

The fileserver is the TKL fileserver appliance, installed on a bare metal box.  I built the tv server into it following Jeremy's instructions. I thought about VM's, but it sounded like more work than it had to be.

I've used Tvheadend before as a streaming TV server backend.  I use XBMC as the frontend around the network.

Don't know how USB would work.  data transfer speeds would be much lower wouldn't they?

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