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I'm running several TKL VMs inside my LAN and would like to expose several of them to the internet using DNS.  So, I need a DNS Server to help me with that.

Does anyone know of a DNS VM?  (I prefer VMs for soooooo many reasons.)

If not, then what do you recommend or use?

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I'd recommend TKL Core + Bind9.

DNS is a very small addition to a server which is my only guess as to why there isn't a prebuilt TKL vm.

Just run apt-get install bind9.

TKL has packaged the Bind8 webmin module which I assume would work fine with Bind9.  I think you would enable the webmin module within webmin itself.

Personally, I just modify the files with an editor.

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And I can confirm that the webmin-bind8 package works fine with Bind9 and can be installed via apt; so the complete line (including the Webmin package) would be:

apt-get update && apt-get install bind9 webmin-bind8

But as you suggest Jeremiah, it's actually not that hard to set it up manually.

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I'm also planning to setup a dns server for my network. This is an easy patch :)

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Thanks for the tips on modifying a TKLVM to include DNS.  I'll probably end-up following this route for now.

I want to reiterate that a DNS VM is a good idea.  Here's why:

(1) There are entire companies devoted to creating DNS appliance products.  For instance, Bluecat Networks makes several hardware-based solutions.  I've never used their product, so I can't say whether it works well or not, but my point is, that people are beginning to see DNS as a building-block.

(2) Granted: DNS services are very simple and small so maybe an add-on seems easy enough - but admins are loving the bite-size building-block approach that TKLVM brings.  Not making a VM because it's too small or too simple does not seem like a good argument.

(3) TKLVM DNS would help TKLVM users to coordinate using even more TKLVMs, as they run the DNS to point to other installations.

Thanks for listening!

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I have been having trouble getting "fully qualified domain names" to work on Magento, and I think this is because the VM sees its NAT based 10.10.x..x  IP, while it is reading the DNS it knows outside the NAT world... (my firewall is supposed to do DNS rewrites but I have yet to get HostName based responses working, at least on my Magento system.

A TKL DNS should be just the trick.  Just need to decide what machine to install it to... Doesn't deserve its own overhead (but perhaps I am wrong).  Maybe a Samba FileServer or Domain Controller would be the place to install.

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But all my appliances are virtualised so it's not quite the same, especially as I use OpenVZ containers which are really lightweight and don't use much system resources at all.

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