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Hi TKL Developers,

Is there any plan to build TKL image embedded with ALFRESCO - Open Source Enterprise CMS (www.alfresco.com).

I'm having hard time to run ALFRESCO in TKL - Core. i installed it successfully but still unable to access the page.

Does anyone made this alfresco working on TKL? Please help us.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Edward, I did a TKLPatch for Alfresco some time ago. It should be still relevant. The official appliance is comming sometime soon. For now, I think this should help:



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Thanks adrian i'll try this........hmm.....wish i can...goodluck to me!

Looking forward to your first TKL: Alfresco release. This is exciting can't wait to see it, my boss will be happy with this.

please...please...please...hope you can finish this soon.


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Maybe some info is needed here.  If one builds a production system from a patch and then a full TKL build comes out, can the patch be migrated?  My experience, so far, though it would be running fundamentally on a Core and would be upgradable (presumably) via Core updates or builds.

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But I would imagine you'll probably need to do it manually because TKLBAM will see the patched appliance as the base (eg Core in this instance) and will not be happy migrating to a new appliance (that it would see as a different build).

There may be a way that you could trick TKLBAM into thinking that the patched appliance is the official build of that appliance but that is beyond my knowledge. That's a question for Liraz (or perhaps Alon).

But assuming that the patched appliance works ok and is stable then you probably don't need to update it (to the official appliance) if you don't want to. As you'd know TKL is based on Ubuntu 10.04 which is an LTS build and as such has support from Canonical until 2015. So you could just keep using it and TKLBAM should work fine. OTOH the backups will probably be bigger and you'll have to remember that if you ever need to restore you'll need to restore to the original patched appliance (but you shouldn't need to apply the patch again, TKLBAM should take care of all that).

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