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Well I have to hand it to you guys - TKLBAM just saved my butt when a VM weirded out on me and failed completely. I was writing a front end for a MySQL database and had not touched the project for a week. Upon returning I could not connect to my database and the console was stuck, reboots made it worse. I simply smiled, craeted a new image and restored my last backup and was coding again in less than 10 mins! It also helps me to create a database on a local machine and migrate it to a working environment giving me complete control and ease of access.

Cant thank you enough!

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You're not the first to report the awesomeness of TKLBAM, and how it got you out of a jam. I myself have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

It's always a good idea to still test your backups, and TKLBAM makes that easy. Backups are hard, making sure you got it right - harder!

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