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I have problems i need to connect to the Postgres DataBase using internet


i need to connect to

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But hopefully someone more helpful will be along to help you out.

In the meantime you can find the Ubuntu (TKL v11.x based on Ubuntu 10.04) PostgreSQL doc page here or the PostgreSQL site here. Perhaps you'll find your answer there?

If so it'd be great if you post back with the answer.

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i get it Working with this

vim pg_hba.conf

add this lines

host  all  all trust  (my local server ip)

host  all  all trust (to all ip)

vim postgresql.conf

listen_addresses ='*'

thanks for you help

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And whilst I said I don't know anything about PostgreSQL (which I don't) I'd gather from what you've done that security isn't an issue!? It looks like it would allow anyone to connect. Is that what you intended? I guess if you have a password then there is at least some security, but not much! Unless you use a secure tunnel (eg SSH) then  all someone would need to do to hack in would be to listen in to your password being handed across (an unencrypted connection) then they would be able to log in themselves.

One other thing, the IP you are using ( looks like a LAN IP. That's fine if the connection is only within your LAN (in which case security is much less of an issue too). But if you want to connect over the net you'd need to use the static WAN IP of where you are connecting from (if you have a dynamic IP you'd need to consider adding your ISPs IP range - still a little insecure but at least you could only get hacked by someone who is usng the same ISP - although obviously using an encrypted connection would mitigate that to a degree).

I guess bottom line is that it depends on your usage scenario and how important the data is to you. Personally I'd still want to at least encrypt the connection if its travelling over the net. If you can clarify a few more details, I'm happy to give you a vague idea of what you'll want/need to do to make it a little more secure (I don't know exactly what you'll need to do but i can give you some ideas on search terms etc).

PS thanks for posting back too :)

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thanks for you good help

i like to made a PostgreSql server to run one application over the net using vb6.0 and

i am using noip2 dns

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I assume you are using NoIP because you have a dynamic IP at home?

So where is the PostgreSQL appliance installed (locally or remotely)? Is is running on hardware or VM? Do you have a router that uses NAT or a direct connection? Where about is your VB6 app running from (locally or remote)? What OS is it running on? When you say your app runs over the net, do you mean it runs locally and needs to be accessed via the internet?

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Yes i am using dynamic ip at home and my own linux server run in hardware.

and the application is accessed via the internet to home from the other side.


i am using ODBC from Vb6.0 and RealBasic(Mac,Linux,Windows)

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