Chamilo is a promising course management system that is extraordinarily flexible and extensible. It incorporates web 2.0 features that Moodle manages to stretch to incorporate. Here's the link:

Build notes for LAMP 11.1 to follow.


Starting from TKL Lamp 11.1

Set hostname

apt-get install -y php5-gd php5-xsl
a2enmod rewrite
mkdir /var/www/chamilo
wget -O /tmp/
unzip /tmp/
mv * /var/www/chamilo
chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/chamilo
nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini (change output_buffering to Off)
service apache2 restart

Navigate to http://ipaddress/chamilo; continue setup, including db configuration. I'm quite confident that a setup or configuration folder shouldn't be left available to everyone, but I don't see any docs suggesting a directory should be deleted or locked down.

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I've just been having a bit of a browse over this software and it's a winner IMO. But I'd really love to have a proper play with it. I have been looking into Moodle but this looks better! Looking forward to the patch (or may just follow your build notes in the meantime). Good work :)

I've deployed a Chamilo instance to get familiar with it. I've been flattered into designing curricula for Linux+, Network+, and Security+ for a fantastic local nonprofit serving my community. In addition, I've just been given an undergrad course in creative writing. Chamilo makes an interesting distinction between course and curriculum. So I plan on collaborating with Davy Vest through Chamila to develop these curricula and use the opportunity to assess the software.

I expect the patch to be along within hours if not days.

In the meantime, let me know if you want an account on our instance, Jeremy.

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That'd be great. I'd love to have a look at your instance Rik. I should have some time to play tonight hopefully (on night shift).

Also I know that you host your own patched images on your server but I recall you were looking for a (nice open source friendly) mirror. So if you'd like to upload them to the TKL Community SourceForge page let me know (and we'll complete this discussion offliine). Actually TBH I really like to have them hosted there so even if you're not keen to do it, perhaps with your permission I can just download them from your site and put them up myself? Obviously it'd be easier if you did it yourself though.

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