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Does anyone have experience in preparing/setting up TKL for running in a LXC environment

I have a RH6 (vmware) system which I can setup for LXC.

I am not allowed to replace RH6, but it seems that LXC would be a very simple way to get my TKL appliances running on that box.

Or are there any plans in supplying a LXC TKL container images in the future...






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Adrian Moya has been experimenting with TKL in LXC, so he should be able to provide more detailed feedback. Once all the kinks are worked out we'd like to provide downloadable containers for all images... No ETA yet though...

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Sorry for the late reply, I'm currently traveling for vacation and I have been offline since a week. I made some initial experiments and was able to successfully run a TKL Core under lxc (debian 6 host). I will continue my experiments when I'm back home, and I'll be more than happy to share my experience. Also, I hope to know about your tests with lxc and tkl via this forum too.

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Np, enjoy your vacation, I can wait...

LXC is very very nice, have it now running in some VM's and it is very easy to setup. Have now some basic scripts to setup lxc and to create a new container.

Seems the challenge is now how to make a TKL template for LXC.  Basicly the TKL should be placed in a chroot directory.

No experience with that, but I will try to figure that out. If anyone has some pointers how to do that  ... please say so...

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