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I found this and I'd thought I'd share as I have been researching SaaS-Cloud solutions for SMB.   

Intel helping the little guys?   Only runs on a windows base OS however it lays a interesting open source layer on that and manages it back at Intel and who knows who else.   Canonical-Ubuntu-TKL-AWS is just one of a thousand partnerships I read about the last few days.   They all have their own pros-cons.    Interesting times.  Anybody wanna add to this thread on what they have chosen or found?  I'd be interested to hear.

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Although must admit that it surprises me that they've chosen to do admin through Adobe Air with support for Win OS only. Intel are generally pretty proactive in supporting open source in general and Linux in particular, at least from a driver/hardware etc perspective anway.

I guess enterprise desktops are still dominated by Win OS. But still OSX usage seems to continue to grow, as well as Linux desktop use, especially in Europe. EU laws pushing for standards and interoperability between OSs/software seem to be encouraging the uptake of Linux. Also with the growth of OS agnostic web/cloud apps the issue of OS becomes less. Many Euro government tendering processes give additional weighting to open source which is increasing govt usage. I have read about cities in Germany where the whole local government IT infrastructure (from servers to desktops) is Linux only. I have read that in the UK non open source software purchasers have to demonstrate that their needs can't be met by an open source product before they are allowed to spend taxpayer money on proprietry software - not sure how that all pans out in reality though.

Anyway, I sort of wandered off topic there :)

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I'm retooling my IT career right now.  Difficult choices...definate pressure to include open source or be off on the sideline...which isn't a bad place if you can still get paid.

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