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I was trying to post positive feedback on some appliances and didn't see an obvious way of doing it.  Can there be a star rating and comments on the actual appliance download page?  Sorry admins, but move/delete this if needed.


LAPP Appliance - Works flawlessly and was a superb foundation for SQL-Ledger.  Thanks!  I love it.

Fileserver Appliance - Easy to get shares up and running and probably needs a very basic level of Samba3 experience.  Was able to get domain logins with the PDC appliance.  Web eXtplorer is clumsy at best.  Still way way way better for most small offices that need a simple file share with maximum uptime and no need for M$ licensing.  Will recomend it to others.

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We have discussed setting something like that up (with star ratings etc) but it hasn't happened yet.

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I have been thinking a lot about something similar,  which is, that as I use these appliances and dive more and more into this project from a user-perspective, I ponder how many others are using these to solve real-world problems, and in what ways.

These have become a part of my business and how I support and manage customers, and I am leaning on these more and more as I build out my managed services company.

It would be wonderful, I think, to have a section dedicated to real-world testimonies on how others use these.  It would be encouraging and positive-feedback for all that contribute to the project, and it would inspire new ideas and uses.  I, personally, am fascinated to read on how others use tools to solve problems in the real world-- and to me, that is a form of a feedback and rating system.

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I came here to delete a spam comment and noticed I hadn't previously read this thread. Better late than enver. I've added this to my bucket list for the website. It needs more thought though any opportunity for users to give more feedback would be something we could put to good use. I originally figured that the forum + issue tracker covered these use cases pretty well but I think people are more accustomed to leaving reviews than filing bug reports, so a reviewing feature might turn out to be useful.

In any case, we're in the process of migrating the site to Drupal 7. After that is finished I will take another look at the design of the website.

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This somewhat ties into Tim's comment on the tracker here I think. Perhaps we could incorporate a review/feedback section that allows easy logging of what is working for people? They could go as brief or as deep into it as they want...

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