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I know I could just add /var/log to the TKLBAM config but I'm just wondering what the rationale is for not including it by default.  I guess my perspective is the log history is an important part of the server being backed up.


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I would assume that similar to the TKL appliances themselves, TKLBAM default config is meant as a starting point, rather than the ideal for all. I think of TKL products as a generic, suitable for use by anyone. They should be useful straight off the shelf with minimal config. For more advanced users they are more of just a starting point.

I understand your point, but I think that for the average newb TKL user including logs would be worthless and just take up space (and often a considerable amount of space). For a more advanced user, who has a use for the logs, then adding them into a backup is an easy step (as you suggest).

Another thought on the topic is that TKLBAM is meant for migration as well as backup and in that usage scenario most logs would have no real relevance or use.

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Good points however if I was truly migrating (moving) a machine from one place to another then I'd always want to keep the logs. But if I was cloning (copying) a machine then I wouldn't want the logs. Well, it's easy to change the TKLBAM config either way so it's no big deal.  Just wondering.  Thanks.

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So in the sense that some of the logs from v2009.x (based on Ubuntu 8.04) would not be relevant or useful if migrated to v11.x (based on Ubuntu 10.04) but I get your point that they may be relevant when migrating (the same or similar version) from one location to another.

And as I said this is only my opinion. We'll have to wait for the core devs to comment on their rationale.

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