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I would like to use turnkey linux to create a home/small business NAS.  I will need file sharing, bittorrent, mediasharing, and other functions for which you have appliances already, but I would also require a gpodder server client.  I would love to get a system working that would alow a web interface for gpodder functions.  I know gpodder has the gpodder.net service, but we don't have are computers on most of the time and would like to have all our subscribed podcasts downloaded onto a NAS.

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probably your best starting point would be Torrent file server appliance and then add your own dlna server ( I am working on adding serviio-0.5.2 to a tklpatch ) but it can be manually installed and then adding your gpodder server client .

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A quick google suggests that gPodder can be run headlessly although I couldn't find much info on exactly how you would go about that. You'd probably have to have a play with it and see how you go.

I strongly suggest that you closely document all that you do so if something screws up you can rinse and repeat (omiting/changing the step that screwed everything). It will also make it easy to share your findings with the community. I think there is a market for a TKL all-in-one NAS type product, and your investigations may be a basis for that. Or at least provide some guidance and feedback in what works for you.

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