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[update v0.3] Bugfix - added libx264 from Oneric (download and install debs) to fix issue with ffmpeg not compiling with default libx264 (version too old).

[update v0.4] Updated ClipBucket version to latest stable.

I have just updated Adrian's ClipBucket patch.

That is one nifty looking piece of kit! Thanks so much for your original patch Adrian! The update is pretty straight forward, please refer to Adrian's original patch announcement for full details (it's more or less the same except for what is noted below).

Please note that Adrian's original (and this update) install to Core (not LAMP). I may update this patch to rebase off LAMP, in which case some of the files included may be removed.

What's changed (v0.2 - my first release, assuming  Adrian's being v0.1):

  • Updated FFMPEG to latest stable (v0.8.5 - patch builds deb version: 0.8.5+src20111002 - to comply with Adrian's naming convention)
  • Updated ClipBucket to v2.5.1
  • Added MySQL firstboot scripts (ie set MySQL root pass - robbed from LAMP appliance)
  • and a few other little bits and pieces, probably best viewed on GitHub if you're interested...

Random weird stuff:

  • Despite using ClipBucket v2.5.1, in the Admin panel it reports:
    Currently you are running 2.0.91 STABLE
    Latest Version 2.6 stable - I will update the patch again soon...

  • While building FFMPEG it reports lots of errors and warnings, not sure if any of these are issues or not? Not sure if Adrian's original did the same (I didn't install it - only this update). Perhaps may have something to do with bug(s) reported?

To Do:

  • Update ClipBucket to v2.6-r738 (I have only just realised that this is the latest stable - originally thought it was RC) Done as of patch v0.4
  • Set admin password on firstboot (currently just "admin")
  • Random MySQL password for clipbucket DB on firstboot (currently just static predefined)
  • Set admin email on firstboot

I haven't done extensive testing (I have only tested that it installs and the site starts and admin can log in). It probably still has bugs (such as this). Looking at stuff like that will be my next job... Any feedback please fell free to post.

I have uploaded this to my GitHub account here (as well as posting here).

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Thanks for testing.

I just tested this and you are correct. The newest stable version of ffmpeg appears to depend on a newer version of libx264 than is installed in Lucid. I don't know what happened there as I'm sure it worked initially, although the running server I have only has ffmpeg 0.6 installed... So perhaps I must've acidentally built using 0.6?! But I'm sure it worked! Obviously it doesn't now regardless!

I think l'll update the patch to download and install the deb from the Oneric repos (it's got v0.116). While you wait for me to do that feel free to do it manually (I just checked and it builds ok). Sorry about that...

apt-get remove --purge libx264-85 libx264-dev
dpkg -i libx264-116_0.116.2042+git178455c-1ubuntu1_i386.deb
dpkg -i libx264-dev_0.116.2042+git178455c-1ubuntu1_i386.deb

Then do the rest of the conf script

[update] I split the wget lines as the end of them was getting cut off.

[another update] Patch updated on GitHub and just uploading new (v0.3 v0.4) patch here.

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While i was considering my options re fixing the above bug I came across this forum post over on Ubuntu forums. As you can see I didn't end up doing it, but I thought I'd include it here, because it is possibly worthy of consideration for future builds.

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tklpatch turnkey-core-11.2-lucid-x86.iso clipbucket-0.2.tar.gz


tklpatch-apply / clipbucket-0.2.tar.gz


If not then you'll need to also make sure you copy across the contents of the overlay folder. It needs to overwrite the / (root) directory prior to the script being run. Even if you do run the script and overlay the correct files, the MySQL commands will still fail as the script assumes that there is no root MySQL password. You can tweak the script (ie the conf file) to ask for a MySQL password by adding the -p switch to the MySQL commands.

Not sure about the other issues you're experiencing. I'll have to have a beeter look at this when I get a chance, although sorry I'm not sure when that'll be - I've got a fair bit on ATM.

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