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Fileserver: Changes IDE parameters does not stick

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I'm trying to change a few IDE parameters of a drive (like DMA and Standby Timeout) with Webmin. It seems the changes does not stick. What am I doing wrong?

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I haven't used that feature

But many/most of the Webmin pages have a 'save' or 'apply' button to apply the settings and make them stick. Perhaps there's something obvious like that you have overlooked? Just guessing...

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Except this page... Two

Except this page... Two buttons: 'Add to Drive' and 'Test Speed' (my interface is in Dutch, so they could have slightly different names). Hitting the 'Add to...' button opens a page with what looks like the hdparm command. No 'Save' or 'Apply', only a 'Back to disk list' button. Going Back and looking in the parameters section: no changes.

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