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I'm interested in switching from bitnami; if nothing more than the servers their system builds are full of errors. For example a wordpress install, I had to go into the server, change the host name from the first assigned IP to my static IP... Then while building the site; there were a ton of permission errors causing nothing but problems. I'm just really concerned about the price. Bitnami is free, and I remain inside the AWS Free Tier... so what will that mean for my price here? With the little usage I have, that's why I chose to leave my webhost to AWS. So, I don't understand why I would pay more here than I would with the 5.00-- month for a paid webhost. Any help? Thanks in advance.
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Have a look at the Hub pricing page

It's here.

If you only want to run Micro servers (under whatever remains of your 'Free Tier') then you can have a 14 day free trial, and invite a friend to get it free ongoing (AWS charges still apply where relevant).

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I appreciate the fast reply. 

I appreciate the fast reply.  I would love to invite a friend; however, I'm friendless and none of my friends are techies.  I have been reading it all day, the whole website.  It seems like a much better deal that bitnami; just assuming the packages install properly from the start instead of having to go in and change/fix everything.

I'll keep this all in mind.  Thanks again Jeremy

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I'll be your friend!

This is a cold heartless world 90% of the time. Consider me your friend if that helps.


Kevin Cann

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Hey Kevin! Could I interest

Hey Kevin!

Could I interest you in a turnkey linux account ;)

Moving to a new city and getting settled always takes time. I'm just hoping this is the last time I have to move for work.

Thanks for your kind words

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1 is all I need!

I truly don't need any more than the 1 account with 2 micro servers I have.

Good luck on the move. I haven't moved in 6 years, and I'm hoping to bury my bones
under the tree in the back yard when the time comes.. don't want to move again!


Kevin Cann

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Micro servers free for 1st year, $7/month reserved after

As Jeremy said, if you only need Micro server, you can get that for free by inviting a new user to the Hub. If you're a new AWS user you get the first year of micro server usage for 100% free as part of AWS's free tier. After that, if you reserve a micro server you can get it for as low as $7/month.

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