TurnKey nominated for SourceForge POTM

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The awesome folks at SourceForge have included TKL in their frontpage listing of featured projects, and the project has been nominated for the Feburary project-of-the-month. Go vote!

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TKL FTW! How TKL gets the POTM!

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The race to double digits has begun and Turnkey Linux (TKL) has taken a commanding lead with 6 votes against its nearest rival "Boost C++ libraries" (BCL) sneaking behind on 4 votes. The question remains on everyones lips "will TKL be able to turn this into a win or will BCL be able to boost its numbers beyond TKL's and take the coveted prize. Only time will tell, stay tuned and keep voting!

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Specialised Technologies

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Come on everyone.  We're starting to fall behind.

Freeciv [ 21% (29 votes) ]
Boost C++ Libraries [ 23% (31 votes) ]
PokerTH [ 3% (4 votes) ]
Aleph One: Marathon Open Source [ 5% (7 votes) ]
PeerGuardian [ 6% (8 votes) ]
Album Art Downloader [ 1% (2 votes) ]
ettercap [ 7% (10 votes) ]
Minecraft Forge [ 4% (6 votes) ]
Redo Backup and Recovery [ 6% (8 votes) ]
SamyGO [ 8% (11 votes) ]
TurnKey Linux [ 15% (21 votes) ]

Information is free, knowledge is acquired, but wisdom is earned.

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TurnKey Linux is one again nominated for SourceForge's October Project of the Month, POTM.  Let's make sure we win this time.  Go Vote -

Information is free, knowledge is acquired, but wisdom is earned.

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I'm tempted to vote myself but somehow I'm not sure that would be playing the game fairly.

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