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Does anyone have an up-to-date ruby on rails TKL Amazon EC2 image with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL?

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But you could roll your own if you were so inclined. IIRC someone has posted instruction to update RoR somewhere here (or perhaps not...?) and I would think thatit would be relatively staright forward to swap in PostgreSQL. If you attempt it, it'd be great if you document how you go, then others could follow your lead.

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Yep, I already upgraded my stack (components, webmin, modules, ruby, rails, etc), installing RVM, MongoDB, replacing MySQL with PostgreSQL and Apache with Nginx.

I'm just not a linux expert so, not sure if I followed all the best practices in terms of security, performance and stuff. I did my homework but if someone with more experience had already built an AMI correctly, I would like to check it out.

Anyway, I've searched this forum and could not find anything related to the rails stack, so I guess I'll just have to build an AMI of my own.

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