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HUB speed causing issues

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The hub is so slow that it is causing issues.

For instance I had a couple of servers running and I tried to delete one but everything just hung.
I exited from the destroy dialogue and tried to do it again only to discover to my horror that a joomla instance running a live site was now reordered to be at the top and on its way to being destroyed!

Thankfully TKLBAM managed to restore the site, at least I thought. The hub was once again so slow I accidentally launched 2 instances. Somehow I also managed to apply the same elastic IP on both?

I managed to restore in the end but had to wait forever to ensure it was doing what it says it was.

If I had to manage multiple servers at once (which I plan on doing) this would be a nightmare...

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now I cant restore due to timeouts?!?!?!

Chris Musty


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SSL False Start?

Sorry for the late reply. Any chance you are using the most recent version of Chrome? It includes the "SSL False Start" optimization enabled by default, which is causing issues for some users. We'll be upgrading the Hub's web server to workaround the issue, but in the meanwhile you can disable it when running chrome with this flag: --disable-ssl-false-start.

Alternatively, you could try a different browser...

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This is now the second time Chrome has bit me in the bum.

There is an IDE developer that has launched "web edition" that I developed a simple test case to show clients its capabilities but when I was in front of the client it bombed out! Turns out it was a Chrome update causing the issue! I had no idea.

Now this...

I managed to get my servers up again but it was hard waiting 5 minutes for a response. Testing today all seems to be good again.

Thanks for the quick diagnosis (trust me compared to some places your reply was lightning fast). Now to find the setting you speak of...

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

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