I was wondering if TKL team can or would consider providing a MySQL-based appliance based on Percona Server with XtraDB (http://www.percona.com/software/percona-server/)

XtraDB is an enhanced version of InnoDB and is part of Percona Server and MariaDB.

While we're at it, if this is not too much to ask, why not include MariaDB as well as TokuDB (although TokuDB is closed-source, it is free to use as long as you are within the 50GB database limit).

Just my two cents.



If I may add, Joyent already included Percona in its MySQL VM called SmartMachine

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And could be a possibility. If you want to push it ahead perhaps you could create a TKLPatch?!

As for TokuDB, considering it is closed source (free or not) it is highly unlikely that it would make it into the TKL official appliance lineup. ALthough there would be nothing stopping you from making a TKLPatch to share with others that may be interested in using it.

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MariaDb + Galera clustering looks even better from what I see.


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