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I have a client that wants to use physical machines onsite but i was thinking of using the DC virtual machine as a backup.


Has anyone done this?

I know its kind of a hybrid setup but I am thinking this might be a good way to give some offsite redunancy without being violated by MSFT




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Because Samba 3 (the bit that supplies DC in TKL PDC) is only an NT DC (not AD replacement) I don't think this is completely possible. It may work ok as a client, but I don't think it will work as a proper backup DC - although I've been wrong before! :)

However, Samba 4 should be up to the job AFAIK. The Samba 4 package in the Ubuntu 10.04 (basis of TKL v11.x) repos is getting a bit old now. The Samba 4 versioning still says its in alpha, but I have heard that it is better than much software that is considered 'stable' release.

I have heard good things about Resara (Samba 4 based DC software for Linux). I would personally love to see it released as a TKL appliance. I had a brief play with it a while ago, but couldn't get it working. Perhaps I should play again... ?!

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